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Common Support Issues and Resolutions


I forgot the password to get into Configuration Mode

The default password is Venga5


Issue: Workstations are unable to connect to the Venga server.

Stop and start your Venga server.

How to:

Step 1 - Locate your Venga Server computer
There is one computer on your network (usually a main server) where the Venga server is installed. Locate that computer and make sure it is signed in.

Step 2 - Find the “V” icon running in the systray Look for the green or red “V” in the systray (In the lower right corner, by the system clock). If you found the “V”, continue to Step 6. If you don’t see it, continue to Step 3.

Step 3 - Click the “More” arrow to find the running Venga service icon Click on the “more” arrow (Fig C) and additional icons will be displayed. If you found the “V”, continue to Step 6. *If you still don’t see the “V”, it may be that the Venga service manager isn’t running. Continue to Step 4.

Step 4 - “V” icon wasn’t found. Locate the Venga Server Manager Shortcut. Look on the server’s desktop for the Venga Server Manager shortcut (Fig. B). If you found the shortcut, continue to Step 5. If you can’t find the Venga Server Manager shortcut, you can try locating it by clicking on the Start Menu and typing Venga Server. If you can’t find it there, then the computer that you’re on isn’t the Venga server.

Step 5 - Run the Venga Server Manager Double Click on the shortcut to run the Server Manager. The green “V” should now be displayed in your systray.

Step 6 - Stop and Start the Venga Server Right-click on the “V” icon in the systray. Select Stop Venga Server if it’s available. Wait 10 seconds and then select Start Venga Server.


How do I add or change a staff or room button?

Enter Configuration Mode and run System Setup.

How to:

Before you can make any changes, you must be in Configuration Mode. (The last menu option under the Configuration menu)

To rename a button: Right-click on the button, select Properties, Label. At this point, you can replace the text on the label. Press <enter> or <tab> to finish.

To delete or add a new button: Go into the Configuration menu and select System Setup. Choose Modify System. From the Build Your Venga window, select the (2) Users or (3) Rooms button on the left. From the Users or Rooms grid, click the Add button at the bottom of the grid to Add a new entry. To delete an entry select the entry first, then click the Delete button. 


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