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Common Support Issues and Resolutions

Q:    Does NexTime Require a Dedicated Computer?
A:    No it doesn't. NexTime runs as a standard Windows Program. As a convenience, there is an option for 'Bring To Front' when punching in and out.     


Q:    How can I add photos of my employees to NexTime?
A:    NexTime allows you to add pictures of your employees to the system to personalize and add visual recognition to the process of punching in and out. You should place digital photos in the form of JPG files in the ..\Program Files\NexTime\Pictures folder. From the Employees page of the NexTime Administrator program, click on the 'Assign Picture' button and select the appropriate image file for the employee. NexTime will automatically display the image the next time the user punches in or out.     


Q:    How can I fix a missed or incorrect punch time?
A:    From the NexTime Administrator program, go to the Timecard Review screen and locate the incorrect entry. Missed entries will be shown with a red background. Enter the correct time and select 'Save'.     


Q:    Will NexTime calculate Paid Time Off?
A:    Yes it will. NexTime offers a number of different ways to calculate paid time off. In addition, there is a built in report that shows exactly when paid time off was accrued and when it was used. The 'available' and 'taken' amounts can also be displayed on each employee's timecards if you like.     


Q:    What are the minimum system requirements for a computer running NexTime.
A:    See brochure in our downloads section.     


Q:    Can I purchase an additional fingerprint reader as a backup?
A:    Yes, additional scanners may be purchased from the NexTime webstore.     


Q:    Can I require an employee to select a department before clocking in?
A:    Yes, from the employee screen in the NexTime Administrator, select the option for 'Prompt for department when punching in'.   


Q:    How does NexTime know the timing of our company's pay periods?
A:    When you install NexTime for the first time, you are asked to identify your pay period structure. Based on the information that you provide, NexTime will build the first year of your Event Calendar for you, plugging in the Pay Period Beginning and Ending dates, as well as your Pay Days. The Event Calendar is fully customizable, should you need to move a pay period or pay date from one day to another.     


Q:    Why is a NexTime a better solution than other Timekeepers?
A:    Simple, Secure and Powerful. These three words speak volumes about NexTime. No other time and attendance system offers the simplicity of our one-finger punch, the security of knowing that your employees are always truthful in their time keeping, and the power of our insightful time and attendance reporting.


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