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NexTime is a revolutionary PC based time and attendance system that uses a biometric finger scanner, coupled with state-of-the-art software to provide a time keeping solution that is simple, secure and powerful.

Nextime Fingerprint Timeclock
Nextime Fingerprint Timeclock
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Choose the number of punch clock licenses, active employees and various other configuration settings to right-size NexTime for you.

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Export reports to the format(s) of your choice: PDF, Excel, Word, Rich Text, Open Office, HTML, XML and more!


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Cost Effective

No need to spend thousands on an antiquated time clock. NexTime is cost effective,
$2.99 per user, per month

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As an Owner
You'll love the peace of mind that NexTime delivers - virtually eliminating the problem of inaccurate time-keeping and improving your bottom line.

As a Manager
You'll appreciate the simplicity of NexTime. No more lost timecards or swipe cards. No more ordering timecards for the punch clock. And best of all, access to time and attendance data instantly.

As an Employee
You'll find NexTime to be the fastest and easiest time clock you've ever used. From clocking in to printing your own timecard, NexTime delivers.

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