Not your average software company.

At AppleButter Software, we believe in helping our friends and neighbors. Our products are designed to offer our clients helpful, fun, and innovative solutions. We "code" because we love it!

We're not a mega-corporation with throngs of programmers tapping away, but rather we are a tight-knit team of developers and support specialists. This philosophy ensures the highest quality products reach our clients. As it turns out, when software written by people that are passionate about their craft, you end up with something special - software with appeal. 


Meet our Founder
Matt Weinbender - President


Matt Weinbender President

Matt is the founder and president of AppleButter Software, and is the primary architect and developer of Venga, a productivity boosting communication tool for dental and medical practices. He lives a quiet life in rural southeastern MN, tending to his herd (fold) of Scottish Highland cattle, fixing old farm equipment, and writing code. His formative years were spent on the same small farm where he and his family live today. He has a lovely wife of twenty-seven years, two well-behaved, and one mostly-well-behaved, teenage children.

When he was four, he made the astute observation that a tow truck (heard "toe truck") must be able to carry a lot of toes, and it's been this kind of deductive, misinformed reasoning that's served as a hallmark for his world views since. He grew up a child of the 80s and as such, spent a brief period of time sporting a mini-mullet. He and a group of like-minded friends co-own a camper-converted 78-passenger Bluebird bus named Leroy, and for a week each year drive it, and their bikes, on a pilgrimage across the state of Iowa. He has biked thousands of miles, canoed many hundreds, and run 2 marathons. In his free time, he can be found making just about anything - software, craft beer, electronics, log splitters, cider presses, sawmills, etc.

Matt started writing code for fun when he was twelve and began his professional career at age twenty-one, splitting duties between network engineering and software development. Later, he specialized solely in software development. He has had the pleasure of mentoring several brilliant young developers who have gone on to do far more impressive things than he has. He has developed systems for dozens of industries and thousands of customers. He's passionate about creating software that's intuitive, fun and and helps businesses run more effectively. He is currently obsessed with real-time processing at scale, all things IoT, and serverless architecture.