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What is the Integration Partner Program?

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The AppleButter Integration Partner program was created with you, the business-savvy IT professional, in mind. Our program is simple, free to join, and and allows you to delight your customers with our unique, intuitive and time-saving software.

We understand that you are your customer's first line of tech-defense, and as such, you'll be answering the majority of questions for our products. To make sure that you're armed with the answers you need, you'll receive full assistance from our training team in setting up your first installation, and as much continuing support as you need. In addition, you'll receive an in-house copy of our products for you to learn and use in your own business.

As a partner, you'll find that our products dovetail nicely with your existing monthly service plans. Our software is reasonably priced, and sold on a per-user or per-station basis. You receive a substantial discount for each customer license that you sell, and at the same time are free to choose the price point that suits you. To keep the billing aspect simple, we only charge you once per month for the total customer licenses you have installed. Your discount rate is determined by the role(s) that you take on. For instance, if you'd prefer to have our team do training for you, we can do that!

If you are interested in becoming an Integration Partner or have any questions about the program, contact AppleButter at 888-724-4531, or visit our partner program page at to request more information.
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