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5 Useful Features of the Venga Intra-Office Communication System

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The Venga Intra-Office communication is a powerful tool that makes the lives of dentists and medical professionals easier, but there are many features that are often overlooked. Here's a look at 5 of them:

1. The Snooze Button

Picture this: It's been a busy day. You're mostly finished with patients and are in your office for some quick relaxation time. Except pages and messages are still popping up on your computer and sounds going off left and right. How do you stop it?

Enter the snooze button.

The snooze button is a very useful moon shapen tool, located right at the center of the Venga console that allows you to "snooze" the Venga console, thereby preventing pages, messages, and sounds from coming through. The default setting is 3 minutes, but this can be changed in "My Console and Behavior Settings."

2. Spoken Pages

If you have a large or very busy office, it might be difficult to assign individual sounds to everyone. This is where the "spoken pages" feature would be useful.

It can be enabled under "My Console and Behavior Settings."

Once Spoken Pages are enabled, when you click a username and room, Venga will speak the username and room.

3. Multiple Console Instances

If multiple people work in a room, it might be useful to enable the "Multiple Console Instances" setting. Doing so will allow you to launch more than one Venga console on a single workstation, thus allowing more than one person to be signed into a computer at once.

4. Make Unavailable

If a staff member goes on vacation, you probably would prefer that they could not receive pages. That is where the "Make Unavailable" feature becomes useful. The turn it on, right-click on a staff member's name, then choose "Make Unavailable". To turn it off, follow the same process and choose "Make Available."

5. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes allow you to place a note for yourself on your desktop. This is useful for reminders, etc.To start a sticky note, go to the Venga Menu at the top left orner of the console and choose "Sticky Notes".
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