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How the Venga Trial Works

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The Venga intra-office paging and messaging system (sometimes confused with “inter-office messaging”) works especially well in dental, medical, chiropractic, and veterinary offices.

Here at AppleButter we strongly believe that trialing a software before making a commitment leads to a more satisfying customer experience. That’s why we offer a full-featured, three week long trial of our Venga intra-office paging and messaging system. You can request a trial via our website or call us at 888-724-4531. 


To set up a trial we need to remotely access your server. Venga is downloaded to the server, then we typically help offices set up their users and rooms. Users are anyone who will be using Venga and rooms are anywhere to which staff might be paged. 




The majority of trial installations require training. This means we go through Venga with you so you understand how to use it. We are available to train your administrative staff and even do a separate training session for your entire office as well. A trial installation typically takes about a half hour with training. If you do not wish for us to go through Venga with you, our YouTube channel covers the basics and advanced features if you prefer to watch those in your freetime. This allows you to skip over the self-explanatory parts. 

General Questions


Is there a contract that makes our office obligated to use Venga for a certain amount of time?


No. No contracts and no hidden fees. The service is provided on a month to month basis. You are able to cancel anytime with no hassle! 

What are the system requirements?

  • Windows XP or higher

  • 200 MB free disk space on the server

  • 50 MB free disk space on each workstation

  • 100MB RAM on server (this can vary somewhat depending on number of stations for the server)

  • 20 MB available RAM on workstation

  • It's very light on RAM and processor requirements.


Is there a limit on the amount of workstations onto which we can install Venga?


No. You can install Venga onto as many workstations as you need to. 

Click on the link below to get more information or request a trial:

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