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What is NexTime?

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At the top of the AppleButter website you may have noticed the ‘NexTime’ tab. That’s right- we have more to offer than Venga! NexTime is a fingerprint activated timeclock system. It is also compatible to work with a pin code, key fob, or an RFID card. Here is how it works:


Each employee has their own profile within the NexTime system that includes their work schedule; pay rate; overtime; their paid time-off benefits; basic, personal information; and more. NexTime automatically keeps track of their worked hours, eliminating inaccurate timekeeping. You can also print out their time log from NexTime if desired. 


NexTime has a built-in calendar where you can set up Paydays, the beginning of the pay period, holidays, and more. You can also access various reports regarding payment details, employment statistics, attendance audit, timecard audit, and more. You can export these reports in various formats and/or print them. Employers can designate what the early punchin threshold is as well as numerous other settings. The software is flexible to fit the needs of most offices. 


Why choose NexTime? NexTime provides accurate timekeeping and allows you to instantly access all your time and attendance data. It takes half a second to clock in and out, starting or ending a shift with ease. 

NexTime, like Venga, is a software download. Your office will need to buy a fingerprint scanner separately. We provide our customers with an excellent, low-cost recommendation! If you want to give NexTime a try, we offer a 30 day free trial! You can submit a trial request at or call us at 888-724-4531.
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