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Meet the Team: Tim

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AppleButter is a small company with employees who care for the company and for each other. Over the next couple of months we will be highlighting a member of our hardworking team.

This month’s featured team member is a familiar voice to many, Tim Perry. Tim has been with AppleButter for over a year and has gotten to know many of our clients well. Now, it’s your turn to get to know Tim!

Tim has always had an interest in technology. His great, great grandmother bought him his first computer when he was five years old - a Macintosh Performa 6116CD. “I managed to break it within two weeks. I managed to overload it so much that it completely broke. We had to send it back to the manufacturer to get it fixed.” This enthusiastic approach to technology has never wavered. He adds, “I love gadgets..I love things that make your life easier.” 


Later on Tim attended The Ohio State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in history. He wanted to teach high school history and maybe earn a PHD in order to eventually become a college professor. When he was in college, Tim started an online business and plans changed. He sold books on various online marketplaces as well as his own website. The small business took off and he started to expand. “I decided it was best that I continue in that business.” Although, teaching has ever been off the table - He has taught online classes off and on since college. 


No matter what he was doing to occupy his time, Tim was also busy running several websites. One of those websites was a print news website where he served as an editor and reporter. He also worked with the local newspaper to write stories for them as well. 


Tim started to work for AppleButter in April of 2018. Tim’s enthusiasm for AppleButter is well noted through his work ethic and dedication. “I do whatever needs done,” he admits. “Most of what I do is customer facing - I handle a lot of customer support, manage the website, and I am involved with a little bit of the Venga development alongside our president, Matt. Whatever is needed of me, I will do.” 


Admittingly, one of the best aspects of working for AppleButter is the ability to work closely with customers. Tim exclaims, “I love meeting the customers! I love all the different personalities that I get to talk to everyday. I am kind of a shy person, I don't really go out and meet new people easily, so getting to talk to all these wonderful people who are knowledgeable about their fields is amazing. I love interacting with them and helping them out.” 


AppleButter is run by a small, close-knit team. Tim credits this fact to how good company morale is: “I have never worked with a company where people have been so caring, good, and honest. It is one of the great things about working with a small company, particularly AppleButter. You get to know each other on a fairly personal level. Making these wonderful new friends and getting to know one another easily has been my favorite part of working here.” Tim goes on to admit, “I learned that the business world doesn’t have to be cruel.”


Along with working with a group of people he genuinely enjoys, Tim has learned some life-long lessons from the AppleButter customers. “I’ve learned that most people are honest and good.”

Tim loves to work, but he has many passions in his life to fill his downtime. “I’m a voracious reader, I don’t really stop reading. I’ll read anything.” Tim enjoys non-fiction the most and reads a lot science, history, political science, and medical research/journals. He also loves a good murder mystery novel. This love for reading definitely stems from his passion for learning. He expresses, “I just love to learn. I love to learn new things and to get the opportunity for someone to teach me new things and I love the opportunity for me to teach others new things.”


All this may make Tim sound solely like a tech geek, but he is also highly creative and artistic. He can play the piano, guitar, bass, and is currently learning the cello. He favors the piano and can be found singing and tickling the ivories throughout his day. 


Whatever Tim is filling his days with, one thing is for certain, he admits, “I like to make people happy.”

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