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How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

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The presence of social media makes it easy for businesses to see what customers are saying about their company online. Negative reviews are common and you should expect to have a few throughout career. How you handle a negative review can impact your business. Reviews are public and can be seen by anyone. If you receive a negative review you should: 

1. Do Not Reply with Your Emotions 

Seeing a negative review about your company may evoke negative emotions such as anger or annoyance. A negative review can feel like an attack, but you do not want to respond defensively. This can escalate a situation and cause it to circulate around the internet, giving your company a poor reputation. 

2. Respond Quickly 

After taking a little bit of time to collect your thoughts, you want to ensure that you respond to the review in a swift manner. If you ignore the review, the poster will feel their negative opinion is justified because you are not answering them. Ignoring a review will also leave other customers to think that you do not care enough to respond, or that you have poor customer service. 

3. Acknowledge Their Complaint and Apologize 

Customers who leave a negative review want to be heard. You want to make sure you empathize with them and are genuinely sorry they had a bad experience. Tactfully explain the issue and do so without placing blame on the customer. You can also explain their issue while adding some of your company’s strengths to help create a more positive view for the customer. 

4. Contact the Customer 

The best way to deal with an issue is to give them your contact information. This way you avoid public back-and-forth and can understand their issue in full. Talking to a customer on the phone or through email makes the conversation more personal. This usually creates a better environment for resolving an issue. 

5. Learn from It

A negative review once in a while is common. Nothing is perfect. If you are receiving complaints or negative reviews about the same thing, you should try to understand why the issues are happening and work to resolve the issue within your business. Reviews can be used to your advantage.

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