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Social What? Managing Social Media Accounts in the Business World

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There’s no doubt about it, social media has taken over the internet. As social media continues to develop from its infancy, it has become recognized as a useful and crucial business marketing tool – Businesses without a social media presence are not taken as seriously by the mainstream public and a lack of social media presence can even cause a business website website to rank lower in the search engines.

Anyone can be a successful social media manager with the right dedication and knowledge. What’s holding you back? Here’s how you can manage top notch social media accounts:

1. Recognize that you are Building Potential

When you create your social media accounts, it is important to recognize that it could take several months, or even years before you have a large enough audience to begin direct marketing. Spend that time building the trust of your audience.

2. Make it Relevant to your Target Audience

Not every post needs to be about the products or services you offer. In fact, most of your posts should not be sales posts. The reason: People grow weary of advertisement after advertisement and tend to unfollow pages that do that sort of thing. Additionally, some social media websites might have rules that explicitly prohibit those types of posts.

3. Don’t Overdo it, Don’t Underdo it.

Think about your target audience. How much content from you would they like to see per week? A post every hour will get you promptly unfollowed. A post once per month might not be noticed. 3-5 posts per week is often the ideal range to curate regular content without being seen as overbearing by your audience.

4. Keep Posts Consistent

Create a social media schedule and stick to it! Ask yourself when your audience would likely see your content. Many businesses create a yearly social media calendar and plan their posts well in advance. If you plan to post on Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and Friday mornings, do it consistently. Users will come to expect to see content from you. That helps to build loyalty.

5. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

It is okay to occasionally share content from non-competing businesses, if it is relevant to what you are doing. Why write something new when it already exists?

6. Create Original Content

This is the most crucial part of your entire strategy. If your content is no good, or you are only reposting other people’s work, you won’t get much engagement. Leave the platitudes for the lovesick teens to post. They have no place on your page. Instead, create content that is relevant to the clientele that you serve. Keep it relevant to your page, but also make it interesting and engaging to them. Don’t repeat what has already been said or done. The more original, the better!

7. Engage your Clientele

Your clients WANT to talk with you. Give them a chance by asking questions and creating things for them to engage with.

8. Be Prompt

Let your customers know you are there for them. Reply to all messages, whether they are positive or negative. Aim to reply within minutes. Do not ever take more than one hour.

9. Graphics are Important

Your branding and overall graphic design, including your logo and header images, are the first thing your users see when they come to your page. Invest in good graphic design. Keep the design relevant to your clients and make sure it is appealing.

10. Be nice

Negative reviews will happen to any successful business. If possible, respond and do everything you can to make the customer happy. Sometimes this might not be possible. In that case, remain positive with any responses you might give. Defensiveness is looked down upon by social media users.

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